Today’s CIOs Need BOTH an Offensive & Defensive Strategy | Rafael Maldonado, VP/CIO at NADA

A strong DEFENSE strategy is no longer enough for CIOs | CIOs Today need an OFFENSE strategy, too!

The CIO role in today’s age spans across the entire organization and has a leading role in supporting the overall business vision by enabling the technologies and tools to get you there.

An offensive strategy means innovating, keeping up with industry trends and developing creative new processes to continuously drive efficiency for each department.

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Top IT Business Leadership Strategies of the Week | June 29, 2020

CIOs are the Strategy Officers and CEOs of the future.  ✨

This week’s summary includes many themes regarding Offense and Defense Innovation, Strategy, and Leadership to help you as an IT Business Leader with your business.

Here is this week’s roundup (6/29/20):


  1. What are the Benefits of Moving a $2 Billion Credit Union to the Cloud? (6:21) – Rifat Ikram, Managing Director of Information & Security at State Department FCU
  2. Deeper Dive into Endpoint Security with Azure and Limited Security Tooling (5:29) – Bill Murphy, CEO at RedZone Technologies
  3. Next-Gen Security in a On-Prem, Hybrid & Cloud World (5:29) – Bill Murphy, CEO at RedZone Technologies


  1. How Does a 4,000 Employee Company Innovate? (7:58) – Jason Kasch, CIO at Structural Group
  2. What Does Innovation Mean for IT Leaders? (1:35) – George Prior, VP of IT at Whitney, Bradley & Brown (WBB)
  3. The X-Matrix and Hoshin Kanri Strategy (4:01) – Chris Stettler, CIO at Euclid Systems Corporation

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RedZone Technologies specializes in:

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SonicWalls’ Capture Security Center (CSC) is Threat Intelligent:

  • Merge customized data based on the present condition of your security assets with current cyber-threat intelligence.
  • Defend your network based on real-world risk data—in real time.

Today’s remote workforce and infrastructures are exposing organizations to more attacks ☠️

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Quote: “Ambiguity is the Antithesis of a Successful Outcome”

One of the best IT Business Leadership Strategies I’ve heard recently….

is the importance of giving direct & clear communications to your teams.

Especially with remote communications where body language is harder to convey, leaders need to be clear about their expectations and maintain an open dialogue at each step.

George Prior, VP of IT at Whitney, Bradley & Brown (WBB), shares some innovative approaches to providing clear remote communications – make sure you check out the full interview to learn more 👉