How Does the Strong Leader Become Stronger?

These two heavyweights 💪 in IT Leadership tell us why IT professionals at any age or level need mentorship & community to build strength!

Tune into this video for tips from Jim DePietro, CIO at Bowman Consulting, and Jason Kasch, CIO Structural Group, on getting the most out of your network and communities.

Jim & Jason share how:

✔️Communities are invaluable to become better leaders and collaborate on your strengths & weaknesses
✔️Mentorships should be give & take relationships

Now is time to find your community –
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Why Does The World Speak English? What’s Your Theory?

Why does the world speak English? 🤔

I have always found this question interesting… and the impact on IT Leadership profound.

Back in the 1500s, India & China had a higher literacy, stronger Navy & higher percentage of the world GDP. So, how did English become the global language it is today?

I think the paradigm shifted when India & China started focusing internally, ignoring what other parts of the world were doing and stopped collaborating as much across borders.

As IT Leaders, instead of only focusing internally, to continue growing, leaders need to pay attention to new opportunities on the outside as well.

What is your theory about English is spoken around the globe?

SHARE your feedback in the comments and lets discuss! HERE

How Do You Measure Your Teams’ Productivity Today?

Do you measure your teams’ productivity by outcome or by the number of hours worked?

Has this changed since your team started working remotely?

𝗦𝗛𝗔𝗥𝗘 your experiences…. here

Brian Leitner, VP of IT at Van Scoyoc Associates, and I discuss how today’s perspectives on productivity have shifted, especially as our teams work remotely.

Our #1 Productivity Tip for IT Leaders 👇

Give Your Team Clear Targets & Goals

Check out this video to learn more.


TOP Defensive Tips of the Week | From CIOs of the Top 20%

Check out the top defensive tips of the week that we learned from our fellow CIO peers. 🛡️

All about securing the endpoint (ALL of your endpoints!) in order to maintain stability for your organization and customers:

  1. 🛡️ Secure your endpoints – not the network via James DePietro, CIO at Bowman Consulting, and Jason Kasch, CIO at Structural Group
  2. 🛡️Stable Environment means maintaining the uptime of your network… and platforms
    via Ryan Hummel, Group Head of Infrastructure & Strategy at Plane
  3. 🛡️To make sure your team can always connect- IT needs a plan A, B, C & D
    via James DePietro, CIO at Bowman Consulting, and Jason Kasch, CIO at Structural Group

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Security Moving Forward Will Be About Less, Not More

Our IT infrastructures are complex enough these days – your security doesn’t have to be!

With the right all encompassing security solution, you can have a simple layer of protection and the confidence to watch less.

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