Contactless Card With Biometric Reader Innovation

One method of authentication increasing in popularity is biometric fingerprint-enabled credit/debit cards. 💳

MasterCard💳 has teamed up with an identity solutions firm and a financial technologies⚙️ firm to create a card that doesn’t require a pin number or a signature, but rather the fingerprint of the owner. These cards will be slowly rolled out in Q4 of this year.

As Aimee Chanthadavong describes in her piece for ZDNet, all of the fingerprint data from the user will be stored on the cards themselves rather than a central database. MasterCard says this is all in an effort to create the most secure transactions possible.

In the past, I’ve talked about the movement towards fingerprints and biometrics as a way to eliminate passwords and increase security for enterprises. I think this technology will also be perfect in the consumer realm.

Just as bad actors will try and hack traditional passwords in businesses, they will also use card skimmers to scan your 💳card when you are out shopping.

Biometrics are unique to you and you alone, making them the perfect way to keep your information secure.

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Microsoft Teams Phishing Attack Directed Towards Office 365 Users

Every day, phishers are thinking of new ways to hack into accounts and steal information.

I speak with many CIO’s about communication strategies they use within their companies. Most say Microsoft teams is a communication tool they use between co-workers daily.

Microsoft is top of the heap when it comes to hacker impersonations and 💭as a CIO, you should be aware of this situation, it could happen anytime anywhere unexpectedly.

Researchers are warning people of a phishing campaign affecting 50,000 users notifying them of a fake “missed chat” stealing login credentials.

Erin Edkins Ludert, Data Scientist from Abnormal Security, told Threat Post, attackers are using an approach of the employee referenced in the chat doesn’t appear to be an employee of the company that had the attack.

The initial phishing email displays the name “There’s new activity in teams” making it appear like an automated notification from teams. The email urges you to click on the “reply” button leading you to type in your email and password. That one click can create a disastrous moment. ❌

🛑Be secure. Be cautious of the messages and emails you are receiving. Read before clicking. 🛑

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Today’s Leaders Should Lead with Vulnerability

Leaders today need to lead with vulnerability- not bravado.

Imagine being seen as a leader who only cares about your image, not about the future of the company, and creating a sense of invincibility that could harm others. 🛑

Showing vulnerability as a leader will put you 20 steps forward instead of 20 steps back. 🗸 Being smart, honest, and caring will ultimately win you favor in the company.

In their piece for Harvard Business ReviewAmy C. Edmondson and Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic describe how to cultivate a vulnerable style of leadership:

☑️ Start by telling the truth: Share your perspective with others, what you know and what you don’t know. The best leaders tell the truth no matter how traumatic.

☑️ Go outside your comfort zone: One of the reasons people fail to develop into a leader is that they repeat what has worked already. Learn a new skill to use, it will make you stronger in the long term.

☑️When you make a mistake, admit it and apologize: People will appreciate your honesty and trust more than if you lie to them. Failing to admit you are wrong will lead others to question your judgment.

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Top Strategies Of The Week For IT Business Leaders

The balance of offense and defense-oriented thinking is an important component of IT Leadership. Both are necessary for success. Here are some thought-provoking offense and defense themes from the previous week.

Weekly Summary

IT Business Leadership, Strategy & Innovation

Offense & Defense Innovation

1.    “I think it starts with fundamentally leading with inquiry.”– Sarah Angel-Johnson, CIO at Year Up, speaks to the importance of digging deeper into what motivates your employees.

2.    “Favorite Five Cybersecurity Journalists, Volume 3”– Bill Murphy lists 5 of his favorite cybersecurity journalists.

3.    “10X thinking | Legacy vs. New”- Bill Murphy describes 10X thinking and the leaders who exemplify it.

4.    “How can we manage risk in the cloud world?”– Adam Gordon, Edutainer & SME at ITProTV, says why he is in favor of a Zero Trust framework to secure the remote workforce.

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Keep Trying Until You Succeed

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”

This Japanese proverb was certainly internalized by these 6 highly-successful people who overcame adversity and hardship to reach the top of their respective fields. Their stories are truly inspiring.

Don’t let failure stop you, it’s part of the process of winning.

They never gave up