VISO (Virtual Information Security Operations) Service

Security Management is a continuous process.

It’s much more than fine-tuning firewall settings and heading off phishing attacks. To keep your business safe, IT Security needs full time attention. VISO is a neutral, third-party service that side steps in-house turf wars and enables your business leaders to hear what they need to hear.

If you don’t measure, you don’t know

Unless you measure security, you have no way to know how well you are managing it. In-house teams rarely have time to proactively manage security and measure results… they are too busy fighting fires and keeping up with patches and updates.

Why do businesses need VISO

  • Executive “exceptions” are leaving C-Level players exposed
  • Internal politics can jeopardize the best security plans
  • Security is not a core in-house competency
  • Lack of dedicated, in-house resources

RedZone’s VISO Service Program offers…

  • Continual assessment and measurement to provide a realistic view of where you stand
  • Clarity where there are gaps and weaknesses
  • Dynamic, ongoing management and recommended action plans
  • Compliance and measurable evidence to satisfy auditors, regulators and executives

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