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Innovation Is Upsetting | Be Willing to Walk Around Being Offended on a Daily Basis – with Professor Stephen Hicks

This episode is sponsored by the CIO Innovation Insider Offense and Defense Community.

This week my guest is Professor Stephen Hicks, a Canadian-American philosopher.

I have invited Professor Hicks on the show to walk me through important cultural themes that are happening today and why they matter for you and your business. Aside from that, with my daughter going off to university/college next year, I wanted to understand what is being bred in the Universities on a cultural level.

During the interview, Professor Hicks and I take a deep dive into history to trace the rise of post-modernism, and discuss the issue of offense as a weapon in the current social environment. We also talk about business ethics, hiring young talent and structuring your group dynamics as a leader in order to maximize individual thinking in current environment.

I hope you will find this interview fascinating and educational as much as I did. With that, enjoy my wide-ranging conversation with Professor Stephen Hicks! Continue reading

Is your preferred IT Security weapon a Sword or an Oar?

Young samurai women with Japanese sword(Katana) at sunset on the

New CIO IT Security Fighting Tactics, Leadership and Philosophy

I have always been endlessly fascinated with Samurai, Ninja, and Martial arts. In my teens I studied Karate and then later in my 30’s picked up Tae Kwon Do for 4 years and achieved a black belt.

I couldn’t help but see the parallel between IT security leadership and Samurai in this story.

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