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Google Cloud Security: End-to-End Trust and Transparency in Your Stack – with David Cross

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My guest this week is David Cross and it is my second discussion with him. I loved talking to David when he was on the Microsoft side of the fence. Two years later, he is on the Google side of the fence as a Cloud Security Engineering Director, and I decided to bring him back on for another fun conversation.
We discuss Google’s on-premises Solutions, Data Custodian Model (SAP), the story behind BeyondCorp, Google’s beta product, called Identity-Aware Proxy and much more. Our conversation is a deep dive into IT Security and highly technical… Regardless of your title within IT Security realm, you will benefit from this conversation. Continue reading

Does the Security of Your Applications Respond at the Pace of Your Business? – with Jeff Williams

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My guest this week is Jeff Williams, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Contrast Security.

The reason that I wanted Jeff on the program is that his technology was massively interesting to me, given that application attacks are the single biggest vector for security breaches. In 2017 There will be 111 billion new lines of code produced resulting in endless complexity.

His product was an Innovation Sandbox Finalist at RSA this year. So I wanted to understand more.

I have tried to integrate application level firewalls and experienced working through real & hard human challenges of coders and network security people trying to defend and deploy at the same time I wanted to understand his technology better AND because iterative application development is going to be even more important for companies for their security to move at the pace of the business innovation and applications development and testing becoming more and more iterative and agile. So how do we do this? Continue reading

Joy, Inc. -The Courage and Vulnerability Needed to Change the Culture of Your Company -With Richard Sheridan

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While listening to my podcast interview with Richard Sheridan, you will get an innovative perspective on people, culture and design from one of the top organizational leaders and business builders in the US today.

I am fascinated with people who have the enormous courage, heart, vulnerability it takes to actually do things differently (in Rich’s case, radically different). Whether you are a business IT leader employed by a company, or an entrepreneur. Rich and I cover equally cover the two, because he has had massive success with both.

This discussion is a master- class. I felt like he was speaking to me personally on how to think about my own company and my own teams. I trust his message will be equally ring true for you.

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Make sure to check out the show notes page at redzonetech.net/podcast where you can connect with him via twitter.

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The Will to Win – with Bill Murphy

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The challenge for many CIOs is that Board discussions regarding IT Security still lack a common language and toolset with which to accurately convey the security profile of the organization.
CFOs, on the other hand, have numerous commonly accepted tools they can use to present the financial health of the organization and drill down to any level of detail. Using a common lexicon, they can even compare data over a monthly or yearly basis to provide a clear picture of progress, or lack of it. The data is trusted. The tools are trusted. The CFO is trusted. Continue reading

Trending IT Problems: What is keeping CIOs up at night?

Every month, I facilitate a roundtable IT Security conversation with some of the brightest CIOs in the tech world. Topics cover the landscape a CIO is involved with on a daily basis such as: Leadership, IT Security, Innovation, and Business Applications among other things. As the moderator of this discussion, I dive deep into the topics to get to the root of the problem to better enable the group to offer suggestions.

What I have been hearing is fascinating as the issues a CIO is facing is largely the same across industries. I want to take a moment and discuss 3 key areas that I am hearing.

  • Driving Revenue
  • Plumbing Support
  • Security

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