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Can a ‘Servant Leadership’ culture create a superior IT Security product?

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Johnathan Cogley

Recently Jonathan Cogley, CEO of Thycotic Software and I sat down to discuss his unique corporate culture and in the process of this I uncovered not only his unique strategy with company building but also a very unique perspective on enterprise password management.

I love sharing unconventional thinking about topics that we normally think we have under control.

Jonathan is this type of thinker. He said to me that a CIO and CISO must ask, “Do I have control of my human and non-human accounts on my network….???”

When the topic of employee and administrator password management comes up do you assume all is well or have you asked the question in this way to your staff?…It will evoke a different response based on how you ask the question and will present a different level of risk as well.

We explore in this episode:

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