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A Top 50 Most Adventurous Man|Epic Quests|River Adventures|Family|Nature|Boardrooms|Business| & Iran & Russia


Have you ever taken two weeks for an adventure for yourself or with your family?
Are you convinced that you can’t do it?

I have been on a river before and was awed by its power and beauty during a rafting trip two years ago. I did this trip with my son and it was unforgettable. I lied about his age to the river rafting company and, although I didn’t fear for our lives, there were parts of the river that I was nervous having him on the boat with me due to the river being very rough.

It pushed my boundaries about what I wanted to expose my son to. We ended up having tremendous fun and spending wonderful quality time together.

Meet one of the Top 50 Adventurers in the world according to Men’s Journal.

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