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What is Your Plan for: Super-Vulnerabilities| Brand Take-down| & Incident Response| Humanity in Security

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In this podcast episode I interview Bill Brenner, who is an expert at digesting threat intelligence information and making this information available to a wide pool of people from C-Suite Executives to coders and developers. Bill is a Senior Technical writer for Akamai and has been a writer for CSO Online, and Liquid Matrix Security Digest. Additionally, he created and writes in a blog called the OCD Diaries where he discusses mental health issues with IT Executives and staff within the technology industry.

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CIO MasterMind Podcast #2| AWS Success, BI Tool Success, DR/BCP Ideas, New Technology Adoption and Older Employees

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In this MasterMind Podcast Ep#2 6 CIOs and I cover a lightning round one hour session in which we discuss several great topics.

If you are commuting to work and want to listen to this podcast all the download links are below.

What emerged were 2 major themes that interested the majority and 2 secondary themes.

– IT Security as it related to Employee training, Cloud Infrastructure security at AWS – Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Office 365

– Business Intelligence – Business Analytics

– BCP / DR – Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

– Generational issues – employees and their readiness to adopt new technology

Lessons learned cover:

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DR and IT Security Meet Finally

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22 Ideas and Questions to Prepare in Advance of Being Hacked

Do you want to be radical and world class CIO a real Tier 1 Business CIO?

Try this. Bring the following ideas to the table.

Interrupt your BCP consultant or internal person in charge of Business Continuity soon, maybe even today, and ask them how they plan on keeping the business running while at the same time finding a hacker operating inside your network who is having a field day with your data and your systems?

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