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What is Your Plan for: Super-Vulnerabilities| Brand Take-down| & Incident Response| Humanity in Security

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In this podcast episode I interview Bill Brenner, who is an expert at digesting threat intelligence information and making this information available to a wide pool of people from C-Suite Executives to coders and developers. Bill is a Senior Technical writer for Akamai and has been a writer for CSO Online, and Liquid Matrix Security Digest. Additionally, he created and writes in a blog called the OCD Diaries where he discusses mental health issues with IT Executives and staff within the technology industry.

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Ignoring Printer Security Could Get You Fired| Podcast Episode #6

a businessman with an icon of a printer printing a document in h

Do you know that most printers retain data that is being copied onto a hard drive?

Should a CIO care about this? Well, possibly not if the printer is outside sales or marketing as a workgroup printer, but what if it is outside legal? Or Human Resources?

It may be time for a bit of printer house keeping……

Can printers be used as a relay? Or a hot spot? Relay points? Can they contribute in a botnet?

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