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IoT Learning 201| Happy Plants| Pumps| Gremlins| Coffee Makers| Patch Wars| Tidal Waves & Turning Tides| Coffee Machines Connected to AD

Teaching Others About IoT – Be Prepared to Educate – Learning Items Below:

  • IoT as a “Tidal Wave” versus “Turn of the Tides”
  • IoT and Supply Chain / Eco-system Impact – I love this because it is a critical concept
  • Top 3 Industry IoT ‘Must Haves”
  • 5 IoT Characteristics
  • What is Arduino?
  • Corporate Coffee Makers connected to Active Directory
  • What are Ninja Blocks?
  • Top 3 ‘must haves’ before allowing IoTs on your network.
  • The importance of Monitoring IoT Devices
  • Flexible Authorization models vs Rigid
  • Anomalous Behavior and IoT
  • Risk & Threat Management and IoT
  • Wearables and Enterprise Authentication
  • Benefits of IoT are many
  • Future – Patch Wars are coming

Uri is a leader in the world of research as it relates to IoT Security, cognitive authentication, and advanced cyber security strategies. This interview is a great learning tool to educate yourself so that you can educate your peers about where IoT is going and what it means to you and leaders in your business.

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The All-Time Computer Science Hero| How Alan Turing Cut WW2 by 2 Years and Saved 20 Million Lives

Read on if you are interested in the following topics:

  • Why the CISO Should Not Report to the CIO
  • Why You Should Assume you Have Been Hacked
  • 6 Kill Chain Fundamentals You Must Know
  • 7 ‘Must Ask and Prove’ Questions a CIO/CISO must ask about their Next Gen Firewall
  • How Can You Deny Command and Control Attacks
  • Cybersecurity Canon Books – Hall of fame for Cyber Security Books – Readers are leaders
  • Scaling Security with Real Cooperation between companies happening now
  • AI’s (Artificial Intelligence’s) Role in Info Sec.
  • The Beginnings of AI and Security
  • Alan Turing Should be a Hero!
  • Learn how Alan Turing cut WW2 by 2 years and saved 20 million lives

Rick and I had a fantastic and varied discussion about the above topics. He not only reports directly to the CEO (rare) but he has serious technical chops as well. He is an avid reader whose interests include various security sub topics. He has some great suggestions on books, movies, etc.

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