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Trending IT Problems: What is keeping CIOs up at night?

Every month, I facilitate a roundtable IT Security conversation with some of the brightest CIOs in the tech world. Topics cover the landscape a CIO is involved with on a daily basis such as: Leadership, IT Security, Innovation, and Business Applications among other things. As the moderator of this discussion, I dive deep into the topics to get to the root of the problem to better enable the group to offer suggestions.

What I have been hearing is fascinating as the issues a CIO is facing is largely the same across industries. I want to take a moment and discuss 3 key areas that I am hearing.

  • Driving Revenue
  • Plumbing Support
  • Security

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The Iceman Wim Hof – Can We Learn to Be Superhuman?

wim ice glacierWim Hof

This episode is sponsored by the CIO Scoreboard

In this phenomenal interview with The Iceman Wim Hof, we discuss what I believe may be the edge and frontier of human potential. By studying Wim, who has achieved 21 Guinness World Records, scientists are building a knowledge base of what is possible for humans. As Wim trains others to do what he does, then he becomes less of an ‘outlier’ and ‘anomaly’.

This is why I asked him to talk with me. I am interested in learning how he accomplishes his feats so that I can apply his methods to my own life. My hope is that you will be able to take pieces of this interview and do the same with yourself, family, and business. We discuss:

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Are ‘Boards’ Suffering from (ITS) Ivory Tower Syndrome?

Ivory Tower

  • What is ITS?
  • Can a CISO/CIO help a Board member suffering from ITS? How?
  • Make a Board member’s job easy in order to lessen ITS symptoms
  • Why is ITS a great opportunity for the CIO? 8 Tips for Educating a Board
  • The CIO and Radical Responsibility
  • Board and CIO/CISO Resources
  • A Tool for Ensuring Transparency

I do believe that boards are suffering from ITS – Ivory Tower Syndrome.

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3 Steps to Build: Concentration|Attention to Details|Radical Personal Responsibility| Extreme Ownership|Your Job as a Craft

detail concentration

This short essay explores difficult and unpopular character traits that I personally try to attain each day. I admit they are not easy. Not only are they hard to achieve personally, but it is quite a challenge to encourage the people that I lead to hold similar values as each one of us has a different life experience and lens through which to view the world. With compassion for the human experience I write this not as dogma but as an essay in encouragement and ideas from my own personal experience as an owner and businessman working with very smart people in this exciting, accelerating age we are immersed in.

The character traits are:

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15 Reasons Why Playing Games is Good for You, Your Family, and Your Teams

Gaming controllers and game icons and symbol elements.

The genesis of this article happened because of my general discomfort with my kids sitting around playing games on devices like phones and tablets versus reading a book or playing outside. I guess I was raised to go outside and play so I am wired this way. However, after reading and listening to researchers in this area I have definitely questioned my assumptions.

I used to think that playing games was a waste of time. I had a litany of reasons why, the least of which was not a Puritanical work ethic and a ‘usefulness’ and efficiency of time problem with playing games. This definitely was a Family of Origin issue with me 🙂

I heard an interviewer ask a question of a guest recently that went like this, “what assumptions have you changed your mind about over the past year?” I think that this is a great question and “GAMING” is my big one for this year.

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