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Frontiers of Ultimate Human Performance- with Steven Kotler

Frontiers of Human Performance with Steven Kotler, New York Times bestselling author, cofounder/director of the Flow Research Collective

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I had a wonderful discussion with Steven Kotler. I don’t believe that you can talk about Exponential Tech, Leadership, and Enterprise IT Security without discussing Human Potential.

During this episode you will be a fly on the wall in exploring the Frontiers of Human Potential with one of the top leaders in this field.

By reading Steven’s books and engaging with the body of research around them, I have greatly expanded my capacity as an individual, father, businessman, and leader.

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Improve Yourself with these 6 Documentaries & 7 Books|The Hustle| Flow| Subconscious Mind|109 Year Old Piano Player| 14 Year Old Girl Sails Around World| Do Kids Need College?|Soccer

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Recently I had lunch with a good friend of mine who is a mid-market business CIO. He is a little over a year into a new CIO job. He was in his old CIO job for 20+ years so it has been a bit of a shock for him to adjust to a new management team and style of business development.

The truth is that he is so experienced that he should be the COO and not the CIO so that he can give his business a bit of a kick in the pants, but he will need to be patient as he is still new to the role.

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