Decades of Expertise

Organized crime, nation state IP theft, malicious hackers… RedZone offers and integrates a range of IT security techniques and programs to provide our clients with peace of mind knowing they can deter threats.

  • Bring Your Own Device and Mobility Security – RedZone can show you how to control, deploy and manage data centrally so you can stop worrying about devices and start caring about applications and data for mobile device management.
  • Data Governance – Where is the data that will put your company on the cover of the newspaper if it leaks? We inspect your data-at-rest and data-in-motion. RedZone can identify its location, and secure it.
  • Deep Defense of Advanced Persistent Threats – RedZone can review your current security systems to determine which ‘reaction based’ systems can be transitioned to proactive “go hunting” systems.
  • Password Management and Accountability – Rein in your IT department passwords and service accounts with Role Based Access Control to file shares, apps, servers and network devices.
  • Configuration and Change Control – No need for specialized in-house Cisco talent… if the network is down or not performing well, your team can determine within minutes what was changed so the problem can be fixed.
  • Prevent and Silence Outbound Hijackers – Use outbound inspection tools to see if you have been compromised. Make it hard for ‘bad guys’ to establish outbound connections to home.
  • Dropbox and Cloud Storage Risk Mitigation – Leverage security tools so that Public Cloud and Private Cloud storage options are more appealing from a risk point of view.
  • CIO Scoreboard – Enables IT Leaders to assess their IT security posture at a deep technical level and produce a visual overview, roadmap and action plan for CFO, CEO and Boardroom briefings and buy-in.

Covering all the bases

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