“Your Ability to Become a Continuous Learner is Going to Be The Most Effective Thing To Do”

Quick Story

I have two physical therapists that I visit each month to fix me from the beating that I give myself athletically 😊
Both are good.
One is outstanding.
One brags that she has two kids and doesn’t continue her knowledge other than to keep her certification
The other is quite excellent!
I asked her how she knows all the shit she brings up each week to help me.
She replies, “I am a nerd. I stay up till 11:30 studying at night to be sharp.”

I have always underestimated the value of continuous learning.
I love it because meritocracy will never go away. People will always want to climb to the top and access to learning has never been more egalitarian in our lives.
Recently I put a LMS (learning management system) in so that we can measure learning and be disciplined with it across the company.
It has been a godsend.
I wish LMS on everyone.
May all of us attract people like my PT #2!

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