“What Does Almost 900 Years of Combined Experience Produce in 90 Minutes?”

I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations at our CIO Innovation, Strategy, and Leadership group last week.
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During the event, with our attendees almost 900 years of combined IT experience, we focused on building Enterprise Value (offense), and prioritizing cybersecurity programs based on risk (defense).

These were the 8 biggest takeaways and points that stood out from the event:

1. The ability to translate “geek to human.”
2. Recognizing that many people suffer from imposter syndrome.
3. “We need to require the ‘business’ to be intentional in what they need, based on evidence.”
4. “Be the API” for the organization.”
5. www.bacoe.org for business architect certification.
6. Defining the out-of-bounds areas in IT.
7. One of the attendees noticed that several other attendees are having the same problems in the same sector and that articulating clear strategies and connecting them to outcomes using data is the best way to overcome them.
8. “We’re all in it together- it’s just a matter of scale”