“What do Modern IT Architectures Need Today?”

Quick Story.

I was talking to a CISO the other day from a good-sized financial services company.

He said well my biggest challenge is that we went from 35 remote offices that I have to secure to now I have to secure 700 remote offices (employees).

Not just digital, but all the way down to physical pieces of paper due to heavy compliance requirements.

AI and Machine Learning are not marketing ‘buzz words’ anymore.

You actually need these technologies to handle this type of scale.

In a recent live event with my CTO, James Crifasi, we discussed this problem at length.

What are the key ones that my team and I are recommending (and not in priority order…all of them!)?
1) MFA
2) Conditional Access Control
3) Next Gen AV
4) Cloud App Security
5) Threat Hunting and Threat Management

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