What are The Top Books for Developing EQ Skills For CIOS and IT Business Leaders?

I was lulled into thinking for the first 20 years of my business entrepreneur career that it was Ops, Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, etc. skills that I needed most.

I had to develop and strengthen all my weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

I was wrong. Very wrong.
The truth is the opposite today.

You can measure certain skills development, but how do you measure EQ?

You will rise to the level of your ability to grow emotionally.
How do you handle stress? Pressure? Time constraints? Political wars? ….these are emotional challenges.
Digital Transformation, developing culture, presenting in front of the board are emotional journeys and not technical ones.

There are many ways I have developed my own EQ skills over the years.

A couple of 📚books that are worth reading are in the comments below👇

Comment any books you have found helpful on this topic. Let’s build a library of 📚books on this.

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