“Trifecta Mentors Are The Best.”

I failed with finding mentors until I was 47.


No alternative text description for this imageThat’s not entirely true, but I didn’t really understand the impact of surrounding myself with mentors until I turned 47.

For years I paid lip service to mentors.

I understood it conceptually and academically. It made sense to have a team of advisors around me.

It wasn’t until I fast-forwarded myself into the future 10 years and looked back and asked, “Would I truly be happy with my success if I continued down the same path?”

The answer was no.

I’ve found trifecta mentors to be the best.

A trifecta mentor is one who:

✔️ Has academic credentials.

✔️ Has been a part of a high-performance team- like the one that worked on the iPod or the team that released Windows 95.

✔️ If the leader has “been there and done that.” We all know who those people are.