Trifecta Mentors Are The Best

Quick Story

My Dad was an entrepreneur.
He still is…barely
He taught me to trust my gut.
Act first, then align to the target as you move.
Just be in motion.

I have no issue with this advice.
It wasn’t really advice.
He wanted action and demanded this from his sons and those who worked for him.
So ….it was really learned behavior.

His industry was real estate.
Build a building.
Paint stripes on the parking lot.
Keep tenants and banks happy.

For Business IT Leaders. (BITLs) (my new acronym).
You are in a much more complex world.
Nuance, change, speed, and disruption are normal.

What is your antidote? Your secret sauce? Your get out of jail free card?
I want you to surround yourself with the best CIOs and BITLs possible?
Those who have done significant things…..those who are significant human beings…..those who are a stretch for you to reach out to.
Stop being an echo chamber on 1, 2, or 3 in your industry
Deep knowledge of your industry can be a detriment.
Make sure to have a mentor (a been-there-done-that) type outside your industry.

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