Top Strategies Of The Week For IT Business Leaders

The modern IT leader understands that strengthening the mind is as important as strengthening any other muscle in the body. Here are some thought-provoking messages from the previous week.

Weekly Summary

IT Business Leadership, Strategy & Innovation

Offense & Defense Innovation

1.    If you don’t get SSL security right, you will fail– James Crifasi, COO/CTO at RedZone Technologies explains why traditional antivirus and antispam protection are becoming obsolete and why it’s imperative to update your enterprise’s defenses.

2.    Are you choosing to participate in today’s economy or create your own? Bill Murphy explains how with all the information available today, you should think of your time as a resource.

3.    Favorite 5 cybersecurity bloggers, volume 3– Bill Murphy gives a rundown of 5 of his favorite cybersecurity bloggers.

4.    High performance leaders ask, “WHO?” not “HOW?”- Bill Murphy explains how high-performance leaders understand the value of collaboration.

5.    Nothing can be, or ever was created with reasonable expectations. Be extraordinary. Be unreasonable.– Bill Murphy details the importance of setting lofty goals for yourself.

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