The CIO is the API For the Business: What are The Qualities to Look For in a Business? #200

👔 “A good mentor never gives you the answers… instead they help you to find the answers.” 👔

This quote is from episode 200, wherein Jon Santee (Vice President of IT) and Bill discuss the qualities of a strong CIO mentor. Jon explains that his strategy is to provide the “breadcrumbs” of information his teams need to help lead them to the answers they ask for.

This example helps illustrate the theme of my next Innovation, Strategy &
Leadership Mastermind💡: The CIO is the API for the business. The CIO role is unique in that it is the only leader that has a hand in shaping every part of the business. They act as an interfacing mentor between all departments of the company by providing the framework of how each department’s actions and goals can line up with the business strategy, and therefore the overall vision of the company.