“The Best Course of Action For Enterprises is to Outsource Security to Companies That Have The Expertise to Understand The Systems Being Secured.”

As the IT infrastructure become more complex and attackers become more skilled in their malicious methods, the need for Managed Security Service Providers is more relevant now more than ever.

No alternative text description for this imageIn his 1999 essay, “A Plea for Simplicity,” Security Guru Bruce Schneier puts this very succinctly when he said, “You can’t secure what you don’t understand.”

He goes on to make a prediction for the future of IT security that is spot-on:

“The best course of action for enterprises is to outsource security to companies that have the expertise to understand the systems being secured.”

This is where RedZone Technologies is best positioned to assist & compliment your environment.

We understand the continuing digital transformation and are experts in the security implications brought about by the dynamic and volatile environment. This environment is highlighted by ever-expanding features, options, & exponentially increasing complexity.

Our team of cybersecurity experts have the expertise and knowledge to provide support services and services to manage the security complexities of your infrastructure in a co-managed relationship. Thus, allowing you to focus on your core business while we focus on your security.