Practical Security Decisions You Can Make Today With Quantum Computing and Data Encryption #205

In Episode #205, Bill is joined by Roger Grimes, Data-Driven Defense Evangelist at KnowBe4, to talk about the current state of quantum computing and how best to prepare for the future from a security perspective.

Quantum computing is still relatively young with the first computer being built in 1998 and containing only one qubit. This technology has advanced rapidly, however. There are some who theorize that quantum computing will have thousands of qubits and be able to break cryptography within a couple of years.

It was this rapid increase in development that made NIST issue a warning in 2016 that quantum computing can crack asymmetric encryption soon and encouraged businesses to prepare. Awareness of this issue is still very low as Roger says, “I don’t talk to anyone that even knows this is an issue. It’s like this looming Y2K problem getting ready to come across us.”

Roger also offers several practical security tips for CSOs including to avoid putting critical secrets across your network, to perform a data-protection inventory, and to create policies so that people aren’t buying systems that are bringing in weak crypto.