Phishing and Firewalls

In the past year, I spoke with a 👔 CIO who said that one of his co-workers received an email from “PayPal” notifying him that there were potential marks of unusual login activity. He trusted the email and logged into his account- giving away his information.

🔴Phishing attacks are the primary hacking methods used against an organization and will spread like “computer worms” 🐛. Once one account is hacked into, the attacker can spread messages to all contacts via email.

🔥Firewalls prevent phishing attacks from occurring by shielding your network from malicious network traffic.

RedZone Technologies will be discussing 🔥Firewalls and the 4 other top themes on our Live Security Talk Show happening tomorrow, Wednesday, October 14th from 3:00PM to 4:30PM.

  1. SSL Decryption and outbound protocol control.
  2. API based Account Takeover and Cloud Security
  3. MFA and Conditional Access
  4. Next-Gen Antivirus/ Client Security
  5. Why are SIEM’s dead and how to better use that budget

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