Innovation Strategy and Leadership Mastermind- CIO Innovation Forum| Offense & Defense

We broke the record of combined years of wisdom on the Mastermind yesterday. There were 729 years of wisdom on the call. Key Offense Themes we discussed were the following! 🧠 There’s a wider acceptance and execution of Process Automation – RPA and pros & cons

🧠 Cont. RPA – Comments were made about differentiating between provides value (intellect/experience) vs BAU/RTE tasks that are needed to be done but low value

🧠 Remote employee recruitment vs local staffing is becoming strategic & advantageous

🧠 Acceleration of initiatives. Less appetite to go slow

🧠 From COO – She explained how her new role is infinitely harder than as a CIO

🧠 From CIO and (yes CMO) how he’s active with new mergers & acquisitions now.

🧠 EQ Skills and The Emotion of change were explored. It was noted that AR/VR will assist with a more immersive experience & hopefully this will help with bridging the human interaction gap

🧠 The importance of Trifecta mentors & differentiating between academic knowledge of a topic & actual ‘been-there-done-that’

🧠 The importance of an “anti-mentor” & a “non-IT Mentor”

🧠Critical thinking, design thinking, ability to ask the what and how questions that drive next steps. Asking “what if”, “why” and “so what” questions are critical.

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