I Would Say Human-Centered Design is More Of A Mindset Than Anything Else

I had a conversation with the CIO of Year Up, Sarah Angel Johnson, who is a 🌟 2020 Boston CIO ORBIE Award winner for the Non-profit CIO of the Year. 🌟 Sarah is an innovative executive who specializes in leading rapid growth transformations for multinational corporations. She is also an active entrepreneur who has served her community by participating on multiple boards of directors.

I love this discussion because she highlighted the leadership approaches that have made her so successful.

Full Interview Here

Here are my five favorite key points from Sarah and I’s conversation:

✔️ Becoming a change agent and the impact it had on her leadership.

✔️ Human-centered design is more of a mindset and how she places an emphasis on the human.

✔️Her top offense and defense approaches for 2021.

✔️A “leading with Inquiry” mindset to focus on getting to know people and what motivates them.

✔️Create a shared vision and then that turns into a shared mission that will drive your goals.

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