Find Ways to Add Value as a Business IT Leader #202

In Episode #202 Bill is joined by the CIO and CISO at WileySean D. Mack (on Twitter @SeanDMackNYC) to discuss the ways Business IT Leaders can add value to an organization.

Having foresight and an eye towards the future is key when it comes to adding value. Whether that be Amazon Web Services expanding its sphere from just books to the powerhouse it is today, or Wiley Publishing continually improving its security in the fight against piracy. In the content business, piracy is a killer to creators who don’t get compensated and to innovation and creativity in general.

One of the ways Sean and others at Wiley are fighting back is through their strong defense. I love this quote from Sean, “A great defense at Wiley can actually contribute to offense.” In doing so, more money can be devoted to the creative side as opposed to fighting online pirates.

At the end of the day, the value-add work that Sean is doing at Wiley has one big, overarching goal- to make education/research cheaper and available to more people.