Don’t Miss Out on Guest Speaker, Bob Fecteau, At The Next MasterMind Session- February 10, 2021!

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In a previous podcast, I was joined by Bob Fecteau. Bob is what I call a Tier 1 CIO at SAIC.

Here is the link to our conversation.

Tier 1 CIOs are, in my opinion, in the top 5-10% of the profession.

In this conversation with Bob, we discussed the importance of Financial Literacy within a CIO role.

Bob had a great quote on CIOs stepping up to the challenge of mastering financial literacy, “[CIOs] own ultimately the responsibility to make sure that costs are managed, controlled and understood.”

Bob will also be headlining the next 10X Innovation, Strategy, and Leadership Session on February 10th. The central theme of this event is “What are the financial demands of the CIO?”

Here are just a few of the critical questions he will be addressing:
✔️ Do you know how much your assets cost?
✔️ Do you have your assets categorized appropriately?
✔️ How do you pay for it all?