DevOps + DevSecOps: Offense + Defense Innovation #188

DevOps + DevSecOps: Offense + Defense Innovation – with Sean Mack, CIO/CISO at Wiley #188

In Episode #188 Bill talks with Sean Mack. Sean is the CIO and CISO of Wiley Publishing Company.

Sean has an extensive background in all aspects of technology leadership including DevOps, security, cloud, infrastructure, enterprise applications, development, and program management. Throughout Sean’s career in technology, he has taken companies from dysfunctional models to mature, globally scalable, world-class organizations, aligning business strategy, and execution.

In our conversation with Sean, we discuss how he views his dual role as a privilege given how his organization looks to bridge the gap between technology and security.

Here are some of the things you will learn in this podcast episode:

·      How DevOps and DevSecOps play into offense and defense innovation.

·      The origins of a dual CIO and CISO.

·      How DevSecOps automation helps offense and defense innovation.

·      How DevSecOps automation with security helps with compliance.

·      How the CIO/CISO of Wiley plays offense and how to find ways to add value as a Business IT Leader.

How to connect with Sean Mack:

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·      Twitter


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