What are Success Traits to Achieve Greatness as a Young CIO Today? – with Stephanie Nelson, VP of IT of Seacret Direct

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My guest this week is the Global VP of IT of Seacret Direct, Stephanie Nelson. If you are a young IT Leader or the one that doesn’t want your clock cleaned by young talent, you need to listen to my conversation with Stephanie to see how someone, working with a rapidly growing worldwide company as a VP of IT, is executing.

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Major Take-Aways From This Episode:

Stephanie and I discuss how she has been able to achieve so much so young and we get into a lot of fun details and big ideas, such as:

  • The importance of self- learning
  • The importance of ‘White Boarding” your ideas
  • Best lesson she learned about how to convey technical information to the business
  • Lessons she has learned about working with the ‘C’ Suite, and the importance of being able to answer their question of ‘why’
  • How she uses questions in meetings
  • How she has found mentors and how to find the best ones
  • Innovation mindset, big egos, and how she solves this problem
  • How to partner with business analysts to get things done
  • CIO and CMO – Marketing – predictive behavior, analytics, content marketing, targeted marketing, influencer marketing…
  • Tools she uses for marketing analytics
  • How she is going to deploy V/R online

About Stephanie Nelson:

Stephanie Nelson is a senior IT Technical Lead, Senior Developer, and Technical Manager with 10+ years of experience and success with web-based software, database, virtual and cloud solutions, and client applications. She has extensive experience helping private sector, non-profit, and government organizations and teams transform and achieve success. Stephanie is a highly effective leader and communicator, who is able to collaborate and work with all levels of an organization. She achieved success developing and guiding on site, off site and off shore teams that design, build and deploy mission critical solutions, across a wide range of industries, in revenue generating production environments.

Company Website:

Other Resources:

Ways to connect with Stephanie Nelson:

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