Next Gen Security Using AI & Machine Learning

Businesses are constantly moving beyond their traditional borders and into the cloud, expanding into a growing number of exposure points.

Boundless Points of Exposure

You can have NextGen Security capabilities by taking advantage of the latest detection and response techniques that use automation, Machine Learning, and AI at all major points on your network: Network Edge, Cloud, and End Point.

Network Edge

As businesses straddle on-prem and off-prem / cloud infrastructures, the network edge is playing a key role with regard to inspecting network traffic. The network edge can participate with end-points to make sure that authorized traffic leaves the network securely to avoid being highjacked internally.

When you properly deploy edge firewall technologies like those embedded in SonicWall’s platform and use their inspection capabilities on egress, you can secure your HQ, Remote Sites, Co-Lo facilities, or AWS and Azure environments by inspecting traffic inside and outside of your network.


Licensed for popular cloud services?  Need to secure your Microsoft, AWS and Azure environments? SonicWall Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Cloud App Security run in the background, continuously protecting your business. You can also secure your private and public cloud using SD-WAN Technology Firewalls from SonicWall.

End Point

Anti-virus technology is dead and ineffective at stopping and containing critical malware on your endpoints. We recommend Sentinal One integrated with SonicWall’s Capture Client to create a complete security stack that leverages AI at the end point and Machine Learning Automation and Detonation in the Cloud using a sandbox strategy with RTDMI.

RedZone’s VISO Program

Our Virtual Information Security Operations (VISO) program helps you understand how to assess, deploy, integrate and proactively manage the three main areas of your network: Network Edge, Cloud (Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud) and End Point.

The team at RedZone Technologies can help develop and deploy NextGen security tactics across your organization’s network. For more information please contact a member of our team at or call 410-897-9494.