Next Gen Security Using AI & Machine Learning

Take advantage of the latest detection and response techniques that use automation, Machine Learning and AI at major points on your network to deliver NextGen Security capabilities.

Our Virtual Information Security Operations (VISO) Programs help you understand how to assess, deploy, integrate and proactively manage the three main areas of your network: Network Edge, Cloud (Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud) and End Point.

Network Edge

Most of you are not going to be going 100% into the Cloud fast. It is our experience that you will be in a combination world between cloud & on-prem. The reality is that Hybrid Cloud environments are more important to secure than ever before as you straddle between on-prem and off-prem / cloud infrastructures. Now more than ever the network edge is critically important as it plays a massive role with inspecting network traffic, 75% of which is encrypted. Now, it is exciting because the network edge can participate with end-points to make sure that authorized end-points are leaving the network securely to avoid being high jacked internally.

You need edge technologies like the SonicWall Platform for an example. When you properly deploy edge firewall technologies and use their inspection on egress correctly you can secure your HQ, Remote Sites, Co-Lo facilities or AWS and Azure environments that can inspect (inside and outside your network).

Now more than ever the ingress and egress of your network needs to be solid as you want to eliminate encrypted threats as 75% of all network traffic is encrypted.


Since you are already licensed with Microsoft, you will want to understand the security intelligence running behind Azure and MS365 which is Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph. An example of this would be Conditional Access with MFA-SSO. The Microsoft machine learning security algorithms are running constantly in the background protecting your business. As you deploy the current Microsoft tools like Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 you will be able to use Microsoft ATA (Advanced Threat Analytics) and Windows Defender ATP and Cloud App Security for example.

With Hybrid-Cloud and Multi-Cloud you have a couple of options related to securing your public/private/on-premise environment. You can also secure your private and public cloud using SD-WAN Technology Firewalls from SonicWall. This is a great way to secure your AWS and Azure environments.

Security by Design: Corporate Hybrid + Security Cloud Architecture

End point

Anti-virus technology is dead and ineffective at stopping and containing critical malware on your endpoints. However, you are now at a point that you can actually make a decision whether you sunset this technology at your end points. The logical question is then what do you put there to replace it?

Well, there are two options:

  1. You can use Microsoft Defender ATP which runs with the support of Microsoft’s Powerful back end Intelligent Security Graph. Take a few moments to review the real power that Microsoft deploys using Machine Learning and AI at your endpoints. When you use Windows 10 and Windows Defender ATP you are fully utilizing Microsoft’s Machine Learning and AI Security Tools.
  2. If you are not ready to go native Windows Defender ATP and want to deploy an AI tool on the endpoint, which we think is a great idea. You can use Sentinal One Integrated with SonicWall’s Capture Client to create a completely integrated security stack that leverages AI at the end point and Machine Learning Automation and Detonation in the Cloud using a sandbox strategy with RTDMI.

Machine Learning & AI

The team at RedZone Technologies can help you develop and deploy security tactics on your organization’s Network Edge, Cloud (Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud) and End Point. For more information please contact a member of our team at or call 410-897-9494.