The Top 10-12 Best DLP Solution Questions 10/12/2012

If DLP ever rears its head keep these questions handy because they will direct the vendor in the
correct direction. I break DLP into two areas:
a) Network (inside the firewall) DLP
b) Untethered user DLP. Here are the questions that need examination in order to
craft the correct solution. I hope they will help you with your own.

  1. Total Users? Easy one
  2. Do you have users using Drop Box? and do you care that users are placing corporate data on Drop Box?
  3. How many of your users are untethered from the network? (Laptops,etc)
  4. Do you want to encrypt outbound email?
  5. Do you want your dlp system to work in conjunction with your encryption?
  6. Is DLP a contract requirement? Or audit requirement?
  7. How many sites do you offer direct internet access to users?
  8. Or do you backhaul internet to corporate?
  9. What data are you concerned about leaking? Strategy docs, credit cards, contract docs
  10. Where is the data? 1 central data base at corporate or distributed at each site? File
    systems, web systems etc?
  11. Do you want spam filtering and firewalling to complement your DLP system?
  12. What is most important to secure? Data in Motion or Data at Rest?
  13. Do you want consolidated reporting?