CIOES Virtual Roundtable: Prevent Being Hacked – A CIO’s Perspective How a CIO Can Rise to the Occasion

Date: April 24th 2014

Time: 10.00 AM – 11.00 AM EST

Behind the Scenes of Two Recent Real World Hacks

I have been dealing with the FBI recently on a number of recent hack attempts with customers of ours. Working with them is fascinating as we get to see how the security landscape is evolving and changing. See this article published today called How do the FBI and Secret Service know your network has been breached before you do? Based on what I am seeing with the CIO security relationships I have on a day to day basis and in the wake of the Target attack, where there was a damaging compromise of their systems, resulting in the leaking of millions of credit and debit card details answering questions relating to Internet Security are becoming paramount.

In response, I am assertively educating my industry CIO friends about the realities of the stage we are in related to Internet Security. I am foregoing fear mongering. I prefer education and awareness from the top (CIO) down.