Bitcoin Education for Busy Business Executives, Cyber Security Pros, Financial Services Execs, Bitcoin Thieves, and People Who Want to Own Bitcoin – March 26, 2014 11AM – 12:30PM EST

Most people think of Bitcoin in terms of a crazy digital currency whose dollar value has been soaring in recent months. The only question they have is: should I buy some? There is much more to Bitcoin than this simple question.

This Virtual Web Learning Meetup Session for Business Leaders and Decision Makers will cover learning related to:

  • What Bitcoin is all about
  • How Bitcoin is manufactured
  • Bitcoin role in money-laundering
  • Bitcoin role in money transfer
  • Bitcoin important role in Malware and Crimeware propagation
  • The IT Security Challenges Bitcoin
  • What protection Bitcoin owners have..
  • How to buy a bitcoin..
  • How to steal a bitcoin..
  • How you can protect your own bitcoin


Guest Speaker: Uri Rivner, Co-Founder BioCatch

Uri Rivner has been fighting Cybercrime for 12 years. Currently leading the cyber strategy for invisible biometrics company BioCatch, Rivner’s prior role was Head of New Technologies, Identity Protection at RSA, where he worked closely with the world’s largest organizations to establish a new defense doctrine against advanced cyber threats. Innovations he spearheaded now stop billions of dollars in fraud each year and protect hundreds of millions of online banking and eCommerce users.


You ask, should I attend?

People who should attend this Interactive Web Learning Meetup Session are:

  • Financial Services Business Execs
  • International Business Execs
  • IT Leaders and Decision Makers
  • IT Security Professionals
  • Cyber Security Pros
  • People who want to own Bitcoin