APT Malware and Crimeware – Part 1

APT Malware and Crimeware – Part 1

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 | 8:30am to 12:30pm

Is there a magic security bullet anymore?  Can we ever feel safe because we have a UTM or Layer 7 Firewalls?  Can one security product vendor get it all done for you?  What is the right combination of products and processes that can achieve the highest possible security posture for your organization?

These are questions that CIO’s and IT Executives have been asking themselves as of late with the rise of advanced persistent threats (APTs).  Unlike traditional Malware and Viruses, new Crimeware and APTs completely hijack your equipment and operate in stealth so that they are more capable of going undetected.

This topic has become an issue of National Security; the biggest businesses in the US are struggling, even with their dedicated security teams.

So, what is a medium business of 100-5000 users to do?

Don’t wait for your installed products to find Malware and Crimeware!  Traditional tools are woeful and inadequate.

Over the next 3 months, the CIO Executive Series will review 13 new approaches to Malware/Crimeware defense in order to better prepare you for the upcoming battle you’re sure to fight.

We will help you change the rules of the game by becoming proactive in rooting out malware!

Make it hard for these malicious APTs to operate in stealth.


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So, who should attend?

If your title is IT Manager, Director of IT, VP of IT, or CIO, you will find the information provided in this event particularly useful.

Agenda & What You’ll Be Learning

8:30am – Sign In & Breakfast

9:00am to 11:30am – Education Sessions (to include the following):

  1. VMWare Horizon Workspace (VDI View 5) MDM, BYOD and Mobility: Forget about your endpoints and focus on your data. Learn how VMWare Horizon Workspace can help you securely deploy data, applications, and control applications to your endpoints.
  2. Passwords – RBAC – roles based access control to apps, servers, and network devices.
  3. Security Change Control for complex security system management using audit tools and checklists. Learn how to hire regular network engineers and make them security professionals.
  4. Prevent and Silence Outbound Hijackers. There are 300 known hacker tools that are designed to not be found. Learn how to find the trails they leave behind.
  5. Implement and enforce DCS policies to prevent ‘drive by’ malware infections

11:30am to 12:30pm – lunch (sponsored by ThunderDG & Thycotic Software)

Product Learning to include: Thycotic, C3, RZ CL, Bluecoat, and VMWare Horizon Workspace, VDI View.

Other Upcoming Events

Month 2 – May 15th

  • Application White listing…..NSA recommended
  • DLP – Network and end point DLP Options. Understand the role of end-point products versus proxy based tools
  • ThunderDG – End User Policy Education, Training and Awareness
  • Aggressive Patching for Servers, Workstations, and third party apps (flash and java). 3rd party patching options for Java and Adobe.
  • Learning – Security Scoreboard, ThunderDG, GFI, Codegreen, DeviceLock.

Month 3 – June 12th

  • Dropbox and Cloud Storage mitigation
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • File Permission Security Audit
  • Deep Defense APT ( Advanced Persistent Threats) – hardware based security control
  • Go Hunting! – Examine and find threats real-time using deep inspection tools, behavior analysis, log management and SEIM tools