Integration Capabilities & Our Approach

Add Experts to Your Team

IT engineering skills can vary widely. RedZone uses a team approach, across many disciplines, to assess your IT environment before we help you tackle your strategic IT initiatives. RedZone provides your IT team with scalability, pace, and a much lower cost than hiring the expertise you’ll need to succeed.

Gain Confidence to Go Big

Networks and Security are very complex. A limited IT staff may not have all the answers with so many moving parts. Asking them to keep the “IT trains” running while assessing readiness for IT Infrastructure, Security, Recovery, and Cloud solutions will stretch even the most dedicated team. With RedZone you’ll have the confidence you need to take on big projects, and we provide expertise and backup if you lose good people.

Get a “Worms Eye” Technical View Before You Start

RedZone accounts for the fact that your technology may not have been reviewed for years or across many upgrade cycles. We drill down into core systems and network services so you’re prepared to take on advanced projects.

Take Action

RedZone translates your technology strategy into a living, breathing roadmap that supports business growth opportunities, expansion, and cost savings – and supports the business case you need to win funding from the Board.

Prepare for the Future

We adapt to today’s hyper-changing technology environment. Learn more about our expertise in the following areas:

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