CIO Innovation Forum Event Archive – January 2019

Akridge Invested | Washington, DC

Highwoods Properties | Raleigh, NC

CIO Innovation Forum January 2019CIO Innovation Forum January 2019

Round-Table Discussion Topics

  • The End of Bureaucracy – Reinventing management in a digital age. A discussion around this Harvard Business Review article (provided for you to read before the event).
  • Explored the topic of Essentialism, Pareto’s Principle, 80/20, Strategic Simplification, and Multiplication by Subtraction as you manage your business and teams
  • What are your Top Projects, Initiative, Endeavors that will transform your business in 2019….and your role in it?


  • Next Gen Security & Defense Transformation: How Can You Take Advantage of embedded AI and Machine Learning throughout your Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Multi-cloud Environment? by Chris Davis, Account Manager, RedZone Technologies.
  • Revolutionizing Your Data Analytics: How to Make Sense of Your Most Valuable Business Asset – Your Data, by Reggie Wilkerson. (Washington, DC event only)
  • Scalable Applications with Microservices, by Jared Patrick, Cornerstone Technical Solutions, LLC. (Raleigh, NC event only)