CIO Innovation Offense and Defense (IT Security)

Next Gen Security
Why Do SIEMs Fail and What to Do About it?
The Difference Between Logging and Threat Management.
Coordinated Threat Management Between: On-Prem, Co-Lo, Azure, AWS, and Office 365
Cloud App Security (Unsanctioned and Sanctioned SaaS Apps)
Next Gen End Point Security
Theme and Thesis: Less is More, Pareto’s Principle, 80/20 Analysis
CASB Integration (Why You Must Move to Azure AD?)
Coronavirus Implications in a Cloud Security World

  • Vision
    1. Moonshot, DOP + CFL, Human Immune System, COMITS, VISO Programs
    2. Talent Shortage: How do you staff for advanced security capabilities in the Cloud and Hybrid Cloud?
    3. 80/20 – Using Pareto’s Principle if you get SIEM & Threat Management correct you are 80% there with accomplishing your security goals
    4. Security Moving at the Speed of Business
  • Current Marketplace Problems Overview
    1. SIEM Inadequacy: Are you Managing Logs or Managing Threats?
    2. Tough Integrations: How do you fully deploy SIEM & Cloud App Security so that it is usefully blocking Next Gen Threats?
  • What is Cloud App Security?
    1. What is it? What is it not? Why is it related to SIEM?
    2. How does it work?
    3. Review a modern security architecture for CAS that works
  • Why do SIEM Solutions Fail?
    1. Mis-alignment of SIEM solution and the desired result
    2. SaaS Integration
    3. 3rd Party Systems (AV, CBdefense, openDNS, WAFS, boutique systems)
    4. AWS
    5. Azure
    6. Traditional Data Center/ Co-Lo
  • Explore Technical Stack Combinations
    1. Microsoft ATA
    2. SonicWall CAS - Cloud App Security
    3. How do you 'Right Size' your SIEM decision with BAE, Alert Logic, EventTracker
    4. SonicWall Capture Client (Next Gen AV)

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 
Time: ​11:30am - 2:30pm

Location: Washington, DC

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