​Defense Innovation Lunch:
Securing Office 365 + Cloud App Security 
Cloud Kill Chain for: Hybrid,
Full Cloud and Multi-Cloud
Open to CIOs and Lieutenants

Topics Include:

I. Securing the Office 365 Kill Chain
  • Email Kill Chain Architecture
  • 9 Kill Chains will be reviewed as ‘must have parts’ of your program
  • “Through 2022 at least 95% of Cloud Security Failures will be the customer’s fault” – Gartner
II. Securing your Cloud Kill Chain with Azure & AWS
  • Cloud Kill Chain (think Azure + AWS) Case Study Architecture
  • Review of the use of firewalls, virtual firewalls, web app firewalls, SPOG – single pane of glass threat management and more
  • “Email is the #1 Threat Vector with over 90% of Cyber Attacks starting with a Phishing Email.” - Verizon DBR 2018
  • Which stack of technologies is needed to address the Office 365 & Cloud (AWS/Azure) Kill Chain?
  • How can you reduce the # of security technologies you own AND increase the effectiveness of your security program?
III. Cloud App Security
  • Data Stored in the Cloud = Customer’s Responsibility
  • Why are default SaaS app security controls not enough?
  • What's in your cloud? Regaining visibility and control of your SaaS email, apps and data with a holistic approach
  • Protecting against account takeovers (ATO), insider threats, and compromised credentials
IV. When to use an MSSP versus a Co-Managed IT (COMIT) Provider
  • How do you scale security capability when you don’t have the ability to always add extra ‘headcount?’
  • Co-managed IT Security tactics from VISO programs to on-demand co-managed IT Security Operations

Date: Wednesday, ​July 24th, 2019 
Time: 11am-2:30pm

Location: Washington, DC

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