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Never-Before-Seen Malware Variants | What’s Hiding in Your Office Files?

Are you confident your security is protecting against these unknowns?

During the first six months of 2020, we’re seeing a 63% INCREASE in never-before-seen malware variants!😯 

Check out SonicWall’s 2020 Cyber Threat Report Mid-Year Update to learn the trends of today’s quickly shifting cyber threat landscape 👉 Technologies has partnered with SonicWall to provide Boundless Security to help enterprises navigate today’s distributed workforce and be protected against cyberattacks never seen by anyone in the cybersecurity industry.

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SonicWall Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection is included as part of Capture ATP, RTDMI™

Gain Unified Visibility & Control Over Your Security

Security Complexity is rising and the Security Tooling magnifies the workload since security tools don’t talk to one another in an easy way.

You need specialized labor to manage all the products as you attempt to simplify and consolidate.

As a SonicWall platinum partner, RedZone Technologies’ goal is to help enterprises gain unified VISIBILITY & CONTROL 🔎 with real time threat awareness and silo-free, multi-layer protection to safeguard your workforce, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

If you don’t have visibility and control over all of your endpoints now, how will you do it when your endpoints reach a trillion over the next decade?

How are you gaining visibility into security within your organization?  How are you consolidating and simplifying?

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Be Secure. Study Your Risks and Threats, In Real Time with Real World Data

SonicWalls’ Capture Security Center (CSC) is Threat Intelligent:

Today’s remote workforce and infrastructures are exposing organizations to more attacks ☠️

  • Merge customized data based on the present condition of your security assets with current cyber-threat intelligence.
  • Defend your network based on real-world risk data—in real time.

RedZone Technologies, a SonicWall Platinum Partner, has stayed on top of the latest threats and will make sure you have the right tools in place to reduce risks and keep all of your endpoints secured.


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Be More Effective. Work Faster and Smarter with Less Effort. 

SonicWalls’ Capture Security Center (CSC) is More Efficient:

✨  Manage more with a single pane of glass (SPOG).

✨  Touch everything in your security infrastructure and network including architecture, cyber-threats, and compliance issues.

RedZone Technologies partners with SonicWall to deliver seamless and secured access experiences across all your web applications.

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Today’s IT world of anytime, anywhere business is boundless… and, therefore requires boundless security 🛡️

Boundless Security provides real-time detection and prevention against cyber attacks across your now boundless exposure points, such as your ‘boundless’ workforce of remote, mobile and cloud-enabled users.

Redzone Technologies partners with Sonicwall to deliver the top Cloud App Security tools and strategies for boundless security.

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