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How Your Employees Will Retain New Information – with Masha Sedova, Co-Founder at Elevate Security

Just when you’re ready to hit ‘send’ when you’re rolling out more awareness training videos to your employees –


Did you realize that that audio-visual training only results in – at best, 15% retention. WOW!

In a recent podcast interview with Masha Sedova, Co-Founder at Elevate Security, she explains that if you just send out a training email as the only source of learning – and you’re not focusing on how you’re building relationships with your employees –

That’s a monologue, not a dialogueand with that, you’ll be doing your organization and your employees a disservice.

Thinking through other engagement methodologies that meet your employees where they are – in a way that is actually engaging them and providing them meaningful feedback, is key to helping them retain the training information.

“Leaders who lead with vulnerability, have the greatest impact.” – Dave McKeown, CEO of Outfield Leadership

Leaders who are making a difference today are the ones who say,

“I don’t know everything and things will likely continue to change. Here’s what we do know. Here’s our plan of attack.”

While this may run counter to conventional leadership theory, Dave McKeown, Founder & CEO of Outfield Leadership, argues that,

‘Leaders who lead with vulnerability, have the greatest impact’ –

‘But, they have to be willing to put themselves out there and include everyone on the collective journey to get results.’

What Security Culture Do You Want to Have? – with Masha Sedova, Co-Founder of Elevate Security

Human error accounts for ~90% of all breaches! 😱

Masha Sedova, Co-Founder of Elevate Security, explains why every organization in the world right now has a unique opportunity for change.


Because during times of disruption there is a lot less friction than at any other time – and Masha highly encourages CIOs and CISOs of organizations to take a step back and say,

“What is the security culture I want to have, and how can I start communicating it, motivating employees to do it, and rewarding & incentivizing those types of behaviors?”

Here is more of what Masha has to say on the topic….


How to Manage Complexity by Shifting Your Mindset – with Oleg Konovalov, Global Thought Leader & Coach

“We can’t create something more intelligent than ourselves!” 💡

Many IT Leaders I’ve spoken with recently mention their struggle to manage complexity in their business – and even in their mindset.

How can leaders create a space for themselves – that’s different than the problem, so that they’re not just exacerbating the problem, but really looking at it from a new angle?

It’s a great question! In my discussion with Oleg Konovalov, Global Thought Leader, Author & Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coach, he discusses how to shift this mindset.

How a Chinese Company Went From Producing Cars to Making Masks in 1-Week | Single Threaded Leadership Strategy –

One of the largest automotive manufacturers in China, BYD, became the world’s largest producer of masks & disinfection gels… in just 1 week!

How did they make this huge change in strategic priorities – practically overnight?

One factor… Single-Threaded Leadership.

Mark Greeven, Author and Professor of Strategy & Innovation at IMD, shares how the CEO of BYD successfully used this leadership method to provide a clear, simple, & direct task, and give full empowerment to his leadership team to achieve it.

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