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How to Use a “Purpose-Built” Framework for Innovation | Akshay Bhargava, Chief Product Officer at Malwarebytes #195

Akshay Bhargava is the Chief Product Officer at Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes is described as the leading advanced malware prevention and remediation solutions provider. In this role, he leads product organization, guides all Research and Development activities, and drives the company’s technology vision/product road map. He previously served as Vice President for Oracle’s Cloud Business Group, as a product executive at FireEye, and as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co.

Akshay is a board adviser to several tech startups and was named one of The Software Report’s Top 25 Software Product Executives of 2020. A proven thought leader, Akshay writes for Forbes Technology Council and is a frequent speaker at industry events. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Some of the takeaways you will get from listening to this interview with Akshay are how to apply a purpose-built framework to product innovation. Akshay is using this for security innovation, but this is a framework that you can apply to any innovation. On LinkedIn, he has a really nice interaction with the CIO and CISO community about this innovation framework.

You will also learn about how to remove luck from the innovation process. He is a big proponent of removing luck in the innovation process.

Another takeaway is how to align customer pain, feature requests, and customer empathy with purpose in building your products. How to stop responding to endless feature requests and build products.

Also discussed is how to prioritize and choose what to do and what not to do with product development. We also talk about the mindfulness and Zen approach to security. There is research that is done that compares users that have been trained in mindfulness versus users who haven’t been. There is a stunning 38% decrease in hitting inadvertent malware.

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Author of “Hacking Multifactor Authentication” | Roger Grimes, Data Driven Defense Evangelist at KnowBe4 #173

Roger Grimes‘  expertise in the field of computer security is unparalleled. He describes himself as the best in the world when it comes to computer security defense- and he has the credentials to back up this assertion.

He works with Kevin Mitnick who he calls the best Offensive Security guy in the world, but he calls himself the best when it comes to Defense.

As all of you know by now I love Offense and Defense Innovation so this interview falls squarely into the category of Defense Innovation for sure.

With more than 40 computer certifications and twelve books authored or (Co-authored) on computer security, Roger has spent over three decades imparting his knowledge to audiences worldwide.

His current title is Data-Driven Defense Evangelist at KnowBe4. He is the author of the new book, Hacking Multifactor Authentication.

Roger is a 33-year senior computer security architect and cybersecurity veteran specializing in general computer security, identity management, PKI, Windows computer security, host security, cloud security, honeypots, APT, and defending against hackers and malware. He has worked at some of the world’s largest computer security companies, including Foundstone, McAfee, and Microsoft.

In this time of remote workforces and distributed endpoints, Roger advocates for Multi-Factor Authentication. However, MFA is not the end all be all for security. The vast majority of hacking doesn’t care about your MFA. It’s all about reducing your risk, according to Roger.

Throughout his many years in the industry, Roger a universal mission that drives all of his actions- to make the internet a safer place. Roger says if he leaves the Earth without accomplishing that feat, he has failed.

I also provide how you can connect with him on Linkedin. He has over 25k followers.

We’ve been sold by the industry that MFA is a Warm Blanky and Panacea for all security ills.

Learn more deeply about this topic as it is critical to your distributed security architectures moving forward

I’m excited to share this conversation with such a distinguished and world-renowned Security Defense Specialist.
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You Are in the Driver’s Seat of Your Own Career | Sarah Angel-Johnson, CIO of Save the Children | Former CIO of Year Up #172

Sarah Angel-Johnson is the CIO at Year Up when this was recorded. She is now the CIO of Save The Children. She was named a 2020 Boston CIO ORBIE Award winner for Non-profit CIO of the Year. She has 20+ years of proven results in being a change agent at scale, starting with coding IBM’s first e-commerce website to digitizing the $860 million Girl Scout Cookie Program for 2.1 million girls and adults. She has led global organizations of 150 managers and employees, provided direction to 25,000 matrix team members, managed 7 global labs, and drove $1.7 billion in revenue.

Sarah has excelled when thrown into new situations and asked to lead change within an organization. She realized early on in her career that she could step in and meld different people, processes, and content together in a way that most leaders couldn’t.

As a leader, the question of how do I bring people together is an important one. Sarah and I answer this question, share stories, and discuss qualities that are important for a leader to have and how to connect with employees at a deeper level.

It’s not enough to simply ask questions. What separates good from great leaders is fundamentally leading with inquiry. Asking open-ended questions, having a genuine interest and curiosity in what motivates people, and having the patience to see everything through are necessary when bringing people together to take action.

In my conversation with Sarah, you will hear how every step in her career has contributed to her overall success and shaped her leadership style. But no matter where her career has taken her, one thing remains the same- a desire to make an impact and help others at scale.

I’m excited for you to hear her story. Let’s take a listen.
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Cloud Complexity Solution Pioneer, David Linthicum, Chief Cloud Strategy Officer at Deloitte Consulting

My guest today is David Linthicum. David Linthicum is the Chief Cloud Strategy Officer at Deloitte Consulting and has been named the #1 Cloud Influencer via a major report by Apollo Research. David is a Cloud Computing Thought Leader, executive, consultant, author, and speaker, who has been a CTO five times for both public and private companies, and a CEO twice in the last 25 years.

Few individuals are true giants of cloud computing, but David’s achievements, reputation, and stellar leadership have earned him a lofty position within the industry. It’s not just that he is a top thought leader in the cloud computing universe, but he is often the visionary that the wider media invites to offer its readers, listeners, and viewers a peek inside the technology that is reshaping businesses every day.

More specifically, David is a Gigaom research analyst on cloud computing and enterprise applications and writes prolifically for InfoWorld as a cloud computing blogger. He is also a contributor to, IEEE Cloud Computing, Tech Target’s SearchCloud, and SearchAWS, and is quoted in major business publications including Forbes, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, and the LA Times. David has appeared on NPR several times as a computing industry commentator, and he also does a weekly podcast on cloud computing.

With more than 13 books on computing, more than 5,000 published articles, greater than 500 conference presentations, and numerous appearances on radio and TV programs, David has spent the last 20 years leading, demonstrating, and teaching businesses how to use resources more productively while continuously innovating.

When I talked with David, he had recently written a great article that I loved, Cloud security secrets your cloud provider doesn’t want you to know. Asking the obvious question was a perfect starting point for our conversation because I really wanted to know – What are the secrets some of the providers don’t want you to know?

I’m excited for you to tune in to this compelling interview.

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How Your Employees Will Retain New Information – with Masha Sedova, Co-Founder at Elevate Security

Just when you’re ready to hit ‘send’ when you’re rolling out more awareness training videos to your employees –


Did you realize that that audio-visual training only results in – at best, 15% retention. WOW!

In a recent podcast interview with Masha Sedova, Co-Founder at Elevate Security, she explains that if you just send out a training email as the only source of learning – and you’re not focusing on how you’re building relationships with your employees –

That’s a monologue, not a dialogueand with that, you’ll be doing your organization and your employees a disservice.

Thinking through other engagement methodologies that meet your employees where they are – in a way that is actually engaging them and providing them meaningful feedback, is key to helping them retain the training information.