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This Week’s ‘Favorite 5’ is: 🎥Cybersecurity Podcasts

I love sharing some of my ‘Favorite 5’ groups each week –

Here is this week’s list of my favorite Cybersecurity Podcasts:

🛡️ “The CyberWire Podcast” by Dave Bittner.
🛡️ “Defense in Depth” by Allan Alford and David Spark.
🛡️ “Darknet Diaries” by Jack Rhysider.
🛡️ “Brakeing Down Security” by Bryan Brake, Amanda Berlin, & Brian Boettcher.
🛡️ “Open Source Security” by Josh Bressers and Kurt Seifried.

What are some of your favorite cybersecurity podcasts

$250Million: A World Class CEO needs to spend to protect his Shareholders and Customers from Cyber Security Threats

This is what JP Morgan Chase is spending this year on IT Security in 2014. The 1000 people are the number of IT Security professionals he will need to employ in 2014.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan in his letter to shareholders report highlighting page 22 of his cyber security plan.

This $250 million number is up from $200 million in 2012.

The 1000 people is up from 600 people in 2012. Stunning numbers.

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A CEO needs 8 Skills from his Information Security Leadership

3D Small People - Multi Manager

Does the Perception of your IT Information Security Program Match to Reality? How do you know?

Here are some recent conversations I am having with CIOs.

1.CIO- “My Board and CEO still doesn’t care about IT security unless I can show them that loss if they don’t do something.” The board and CEO of this public company are concerned about supply chain impact security concerns and what would happen if this were impacted.

2.Director of IT – “The banks are pressing me for me for more IT Security details now. It used to be relatively easy to fill out but now it is hours and hour of work. I failed one line of the questionnaire. I was certain my answer was not a big deal, but it was. I don’t want to risk

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What are 5 reasons for the CIO to get the CEO off Dropbox|Box|OneDrive|Etc etc?

Cloud Computing Service Concept Illustration

Here is a quick true story of a recent conversation with an CIO Leader of a multi thousand person company who successfully moved his CEO off Dropbox. He is a friend of mine, however

before I get into the specifics, I wanted to let you know I have also included 18 CIO benefits (his ancillary wins that were created with) moving his CEO off Dropbox.

Ok, how did the CIO get the CEO to this point? This is a 4000 employee company, as a matter of reference; and I mention this just to highlight the importance of business file synch technology has not waned since the hype started 3 years ago. The virtual CIO events that I originally hosted on this topic 3 years ago garner quite a bit of attention so one would think that everyone has this figured out by now. Rarely do I find CIOs have figured this problem out. Usually, in our conversation, they get very excited because they might have recently inked a deal with a vendor who they are hoping will deliver everything they need. Rarely do I hear about important conversations with the CEO: regarding securing digital assets, governance, legal, risk, HR, Employee expectations, training, etc.

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How Can IT Raise the Stock Price of a $900 Million Company?

Money Market Chart

When I see a pattern emerging I like to follow it, especially when it comes from 1 on 1 discussions with Senior IT Leadership.

In a recent conversation with Don Wiegner at Corporate Executive Board, I had a very interesting discussion with him about increasing share value of a company using IT. We got down this path because I told him a story of Karan Sorensen, formerly with Johnson and Johnson, on how she and her team of 178 CIOs across the world had increased the share holder value by a $0.01 penny a share one year for a $70 billion dollar a year company. You can reference her article here on my blog or on LinkedIn. This launched us into a discussion about some of the impact that his team has been able to accomplish. I hope you enjoy.

Enter Don…..

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