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10 Innovation Topics to Help with Defense and Offense


Are you aware what is on the mind of your peers and how they are handling innovation, transformation and business disruption. What is fascinating is that we are all struggling and succeeding at various CIO functions. However, the job is hard….very hard and there is a need for ramping up certain personal and team skill sets. Take a look at the topics what I facilitated in the lunch session. I wish I could have recorded all of the shared wisdom in the room, but we all sign a confidentiality waiver to protect us all. Trust me when I say that when you have top-of-the-food chain discussions like these there were ideas and practical suggestions which we all left with that made us feel elevated and invigorated by our peers about the profession and the opportunities and challenges that lie before us.

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5 CIO Mastermind |New Approaches to Building High Performance Teams | Ep #4

Mastermind Meeting

5 CIOs and 15 new Ideas, Innovative Approaches, and Problem Solving TipsIn this episode I interview 5 great CIOs. Their names are below.

If you are an IT Business Leader and want the latest information related to:  High Performance teams, Accountability, Hybrid Cloud Multipliers, IT Audit & Risk Management Tools, Forced Delegation, Toxic Employee and Team Building, Incentivizing Right Behaviors, Consensus Building, Rapid Acceptance then listen below.

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CIO MasterMind Podcast #2| AWS Success, BI Tool Success, DR/BCP Ideas, New Technology Adoption and Older Employees

Lady Warrior

In this MasterMind Podcast Ep#2 6 CIOs and I cover a lightning round one hour session in which we discuss several great topics.

If you are commuting to work and want to listen to this podcast all the download links are below.

What emerged were 2 major themes that interested the majority and 2 secondary themes.

– IT Security as it related to Employee training, Cloud Infrastructure security at AWS – Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Office 365

– Business Intelligence – Business Analytics

– BCP / DR – Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

– Generational issues – employees and their readiness to adopt new technology

Lessons learned cover:

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