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“There is no cloud… it’s just someone else’s computer.”

One of the biggest misconceptions is that the cloud is something magical

…and by the nature of thinking that “It’s In the Cloud,” assumptions are made that data in the cloud is inherently secure.

Nothing could be further from the truth and unfortunately that type of thinking results in people dropping their guard.

The cloud is just another computer or server that processes your data.

That environment needs to be secured in the same manner and same intensity as you secure the data and servers within your own data center or controlled environment.

What is the Best Way to Secure a Distributed Workforce in 2021? 📆

The increase in working from home has increased the number of user endpoints – exponentially❗

However, changes have also taken place in the security dynamic of the business itself. We have gone from a world where everything is centralized to one that is vastly distributed.

We can look at what’s going on right now using the analogy of the castle 🏰 and the village 🏘️.

When all of your security controls are in the “castle” 🏰 (office), you can protect them more easily because they are in one secured location. However, when your security controls are spread out amongst the “village” 🏘️ (working remote), they become harder to secure.

The more locations => the broader the potential of risk.

Because of this new environment of distributed access and threats, effective security becomes more important now than ever.

Cloud Security Architecture | How to Go Fast⚡

“Faster, Better, Cheaper – Pick 2”

One mantra that came out of the business process re-engineering movement of the 1990s was NASA‘s “Faster, Better, Cheaper – Pick 2.”

What this means is – in projects, you can get any 2 of these… but you can’t get all 3. While NASA🚀used this initiative to transform the way they developed unmanned spacecraft, the same philosophy can be applied to cloud security.

Would you like a Cloud Security Architecture that moves fast

To move fast, you also want to do it well. This means dropping-in an actual 3rd-party standard vendor firewall – not the built-in firewalls – and placing your servers behind it.

At the end of the day, any cloud system should be treated just like a data center.

CIOs in the RedZone – Can You Compete Against The Cloud Providers?

Can you learn about how to evaluate a Cloud Opportunity from your Peers?

I am excited to offer you the summary of my CIOs In The RedZone Virtual Roundtable Series Titled Move Your Data Center to the Cloud. I firmly believe that Cloud provides a solid opportunity for business. Many of you agree with this. However, you can’t wait for the Cloud Sales Reps to talk to the CEO or Marketing Exec. With pace you need to ask big questions and create unusual opportunities for your businesses.

The CIOs that attended this event asked great questions and I hope you find this very useful.

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Are you on top of the Cloud? What to ask about Cloud Email and Backups.

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