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How to Communicate the Actual Readiness of your IT Security Program for PCI 3.0, Omnibus HIPAA, BAAs, New Bank Regs, NCUA

This webinar was developed in response to new developments with PCI 3.0, Omnibus HIPAA, BAAs, New Bank regulations, and NCUA regulations. We reviewed important approaches to managing what I consider to be ground shaking changes with IT Security Processes, Capabilities, Communications, and Budgeting. The content will focus on what our customers are getting from regulators and banks as the deleterious effects of IT Security events over the past 12 months start to percolate into the market. The webinar, and the accompanying slides can be found below.

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7 Things You Should know about Bitcoin

Bit Coin - BTCEarlier this year I had a virtual roundtable event attended by a record crowd for the 13 years that I have been doing them. I invited an amazing expert on IT security (Uri Rivner) to talk on this topic and I recorded the entire thing. My suggestion is that you stream this to your phone as you drive and just absorb the content as Uri goes through the presentation. From a pure educational perspective it is very useful. I hope you enjoy.

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This was a hugely popular event that we hosted with guest speaker Uri Rivner to explain what Bitcoin is, how it can be used economically, on the black market, and also to highlight the dangers of using Bitcoin.   Since it was uploaded just over two months ago on Slideshare, it received 188 likes.

Besides this, Bitcoin also plays a key role in money transfer as it facilitates instant money transfer in any corner of the world. It also plays a significant role in malware and crimeware propagation. To know more useful facts on Bitcoin,

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Move Your Data Center to the Cloud

Blue sky with clouds.This was a very popular CIO Group Virtual Roundtable from last year. It has received well over 10,000 views. I love the quality of Garry’s research and passion he has about this topic. The Cloud, The Fog, or whatever we want to call it continues it’s charge along the hype curve northward, however this is a customer who has looked at the hype, validated his own needs, and come to some interesting conclusions.

Garry is in charge of technology at MRIS which is the largest MLS in the US. Garry is responsible for internal systems and also the systems support over 40,000 customers a day. As you drive home play this on your phone and listen to a very educational CIO session

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TheRedZoneCIO: 3 x CIO Innovative Thinking Interviews|CIO Book Recommendations| CIO Content for Your Car Ride

I hope everyone is having a good week thus far; I have put together some useful CIO related material that I thought you may enjoy.

  • 3 x CIO Interviews
  • 4 x CIO Book Recommendations
  • Content for your Car ride: Did you miss the previous CIO Virtual Sessions on Bitcoin and Hack Prevention? Video links at the end

3 x CIO Interviews:

The role of the CIO is changing quickly. I believe that a CIO must transform oneself into a CBIO – Chief Business Information Officer. Ironically, as I was writing this paper I read an article in Computerworld titled, “Does adding a few letters after the letters C-I-O make a difference?” The basic jist of the article is that SVP or title equivalent after the letters “CIO” purportedly makes a difference in the way the business sees the CIO. Well I am not sure if this is true, because being a CIO at this level probably starts in your head first before it makes its way onto the title, but what is certain after talking to a group of three CIOs recently is that two things need be believed by you first before making this transition:

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