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Defense Gets You a Seat at the Table | Offense Keeps You at the Table

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) has been a RedZone customer for several years. CIO, Rafael Maldonado and I sat down to discuss how this partnership has helped him, his team and the enterprise as a whole.

How has RedZone helped you through the past several years? When I say that, what pops to mind as far as how you used us in the past from various infrastructure, security, troubleshooting, get out of jail free cards, different ways you’ve reached out to us?

I believe partnerships are defined when something goes wrong, and not necessarily under any other circumstances. In the heat of the fire… You prove yourself in the fire. I look for partners that – when I’m in trouble, they’re there with me in the foxhole. RedZone has been there with us in the foxhole – and that’s big.

I hope you enjoy this discussion. If you want to see the details, click below for the transcript.

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What Will The Auto Dealership of the Future Look Like?

What is the role of the CIO in helping businesses navigate potential disruption? In my conversation with Rafael Maldonado, CIO at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), we discuss this and how he is working with NADA to positively guide this association moving forward. Listening to this will give you a peek into how a Mid-Market business – that has a lot of influence in a very dynamic, risk-averse industry is handing issues with exponential change.

We all know the auto industry is changing with autonomous cars, Uber’ization and Lift’ization of ride sharing, parking in cities, and purchasing habits of the newest generation.

Rafael is helping NADA avoid being disrupted.

In this 6-minute conversation we discuss:

  • The Importance of being proactive and thinking about offense
  • As a CIO, thinking frequently about how you can bring value to your customers
  • Developing standards
  • Development of ‘Lead’ attribution
  • What the real research is saying about trends with driving and younger automotive consumers.
  • The experience buyers want moving forward and what is directly impacting the consumers’ expectations.
  • Potential new revenue sources that are emerging
  • Development of tools and resources to educate dealers
  • Helping dealers identify key indicators of dealership health

To see the details of this conversation click below for the transcript.

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Does a ‘Mind Reading’ Management Strategy for CIOs work? | How Clear Are Your Expectations?

In this short segment of my longer interview with Rafael Maldonado, CIO of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), we have a great discussion around Leadership. CIOs are both asked to ‘keep the trains running’ for their organizations, and many of you are being asked to foresee the future as well.

Some of the leadership themes and ideas Rafael shared with me were:

  • Delegation is not abdication.
  • You must create a culture of accountability in tandem with trust.
  • Demonstrate that you have your team’s back.
  • Create clear expectations and eliminate ‘mind reading’ through delegation.
  • Develop excellent communications skills.

To see the full transcript, click below:

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IT Leaders Must Be Tsunami Buoys for their Business

I believe that CIOs are the early warning system for businesses and must possess, and refine their skills to be able to see around corners to anticipate what is next. Is ‘peering around the corner’ really just looking at change in a different way?

In my conversation with Rafael Maldonado, CIO at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), we discussed the role of an IT leader today. Watch this short video clip and hear our interesting discussion.

Click below to see the complete transcript of this conversation.

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In the Midst of Change, What Is Not Changing?

Rafael Maldonado is a world class CIO leading the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) in the midst of tremendous transformation within the auto industry – including autonomous vehicles, the resurgence of electric, and the impact of fossil fuels. What will the auto dealer of the future look like in response to these changes and innovations?

I love this quote from Rafael when I asked him what he thinks won’t change. He replied, “What I think won’t change is the ‘human element’. The ability to innovate by looking at the potential solutions that are out there and combining them into products, or new lines that are actually going to impact the business that you’re involved in.”

I agree that innovation is uniquely human and the CIO sits squarely in the middle of it. You can choose to be a resistor to change or an ambassador.

Watch this brief video to hear this great conversation.

See below to read the complete conversation transcript:

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