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How Do You Catch a Silent Assassin In Your Business?📧

Cyber Criminals are getting more adept at ACH & Wire Transfer Fraud and Account Takeover Attacks every day.

Here is a recent example I heard of how easily these attacks can happen to anyone:

A paper goods company has a vendor that routinely receives $100k via ACH. This job is handled by an accounts payable clerk. The clerk got an email from someone they thought was the vendor saying that they had new banking information. Then the clerk sent the $100k ACH – to who they believed was the vendor.

Then the actual vendor called and asked where their money was. The re-directed account from that email was later found to be connected to Russia.

It’s as simple as an innocuous email from someone you think is legitimate.

However, building automation into your security infrastructure with Microsoft’s AI tools and SonicWall Cloud App Security will make it easier to detect and stop attacks before it’s too late.