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How Do You Measure Your Teams’ Productivity Today?

Do you measure your teams’ productivity by outcome or by the number of hours worked?

Has this changed since your team started working remotely?

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Brian Leitner, VP of IT at Van Scoyoc Associates, and I discuss how today’s perspectives on productivity have shifted, especially as our teams work remotely.

Our #1 Productivity Tip for IT Leaders 👇

Give Your Team Clear Targets & Goals

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How IT Leaders Can Lead with Humility

How has your team continued collaborating while working from home?

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With a distributed workforce, collaboration needs to be done differently.

Ryan Hummel, Group Head of Infrastructure & Strategy at Planet, shares his perspective for how IT leaders can lead with humility to encourage collaboration, especially with teams or departments that you may normally be in conflict with.

Two easy tips to implement that can boost your teams’ collaboration:
1. Video Conferencing to continue face to face discussions
2. Touch base more frequently

Check out our full discussion for more tips on leading a distributed workforce, and getting work done from anywhere in the world 🌎

The Era of ‘anytime, anywhere business’ is Quickly Becoming the Business Normal

But, this massively expanding, distributed IT reality is creating an unprecedented explosion of exposure points for businesses.

So, how can your organization stay protected when nearly 100% of your workforce is remote, everything is open and accessible, and breach is inevitable?

Boundless Cybersecurity

Boundless Cybersecurity with SonicWall mitigates cyberattacks across organizations’ boundless exposure points, including a ‘Boundless’ workforce of remote, mobile and cloud-enabled users.

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Information Does Not Equal Knowledge | The Role of Wisdom

An important question that IT leaders, at any age, should be asking is –

“Where in my business do we have a lot of information & data – but no wisdom?”

There is no algorithm yet for pattern recognition across a business that beats experience and wisdom. 

And experience and wisdom does not come from technolgy, it comes from within ourselves and the community we surround ourselves in.

If you are a CIO and have some great wisdom to share, or need mentorship, accountability & community with fellow CIOs & Title Equivalents, join the RedZone Technologies CIO Mastermind Group.

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How Can Your Scale Your Intelligence as an IT Leader?

To grow your business and as a leader yourself, you need to grow your team. 💡

Instead of failing at something that somebody else has already failed and learned from, growing your team by delegating, outsourcing, finding mentors or setting up a virtual board – means learning from experts and having people support you when navigating difficult times.

Check out this video to learn why IT Leaders need to implement the “Who, Not How” Concept to Scale Intelligence

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