Zero Trust | CMMC | Strategy – with Adam Gordon 💥

Adam Gordon, CTO/CISO at New Horizons Computer Learning Center of So. Florida, and Edutainer & SME at ITProTV, and I got connected because I was super impressed with his background. He’s been doing IT and IT security for decades – longer than the concepts around this community have existed.

In addition to his work as a CISO/CTO, he is an “Edutainer” (educator and trainer) at what he calls “The Netflix of e-Learning”, ITProTV, teaching individuals & companies infrastructure & security.

You’ll want to tune into our full conversation as we discuss key concepts such as:

✔️  The collision of the Cloud and Virtualization that has taken place in the last 10-15 years.

✔️  Zero Trust as a framework rather than architecture.

✔️  CMMC being applicable to the corporate sector in addition to the government and military.

Finally, Adam poses an interesting thought at the end of our conversation based on the old Chinese quote:  “May you live in interesting times.”

Adam says, “if you’re not careful & not willing to embrace change & embrace that thought process of what interesting times mean- you’ll be left behind & your customers/employees will vote with their feet if you aren’t prepared to embrace the needs of your org. & challenge the operational landscape you see unfolding before you.”