You can’t do Cloud at scale without virtualization. It’s just not possible.

The timeline of the growth of virtualization in cloud computing is fascinating.

In my conversation with Adam Gordon, CISO/CTO at New Horizons Computer Learning Center of South Florida, and Edutainer & SME at ITProTV, he described how – in the early 2000s, we began to see the emergence of what would become the Modern Ecosystem.

At the time, around 20 years ago, Microsoft hadn’t quite figured out that virtualization was where the money was going to be, so they hadn’t bothered to pay attention to it. That allowed much smaller cloud computing and virtualization software companies, like VMware to grow into what they are today.

It was then that companies became “unwedded” to the idea that they needed a physical footprint. Instead, slowly but surely the industry adopted the idea that transferring risk and renting infrastructure with the Cloud would be more beneficial.

Finally, if you fast forward to today – in the modern world, you can’t do Cloud at scale in the enterprise without virtualization.